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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
That is a land mine. I have tried that before and got, "I thought you valued honesty. How can you say I am not fat?" (Previous girlfriend.) My stratitude is to pull a political maneuver and move away from the subject like, "Wow... ummm... You know that the mayo clinic has done a study on.... LOOK a squirrel!" Then run...
Then she's playing mind games, that's all.

I can't stand women who do that. If she thinks she's fat and you don't, HOW is that being "not honest" on your part.

I'd just be all like, fine, you're fat then, so go on a diet and get more exercise. If that doesn't work, maybe you should have your doctor check for a tumor on your pituitary gland.

I just don't understand this body-image problem lots of women seem to have. I realize that mass-media and pop-culture have programmed us with certain things that we have no choice over as small children, but FCOL get a grip, we're grownups now, we can choose to be ignorant and unsatisfied or we can confront our fears and insecurities and rise above them.

I have very little patience for drama over things that are semantically constructed and/or completely under our control or resulting from the choices we make.
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