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I am an adopted child and I have biological and adopted children. For me, it doesn't make a difference but for some it does. The couple I have been involved with are in their late 30s and don't have any children. They have been working on it and the wife did end up pregnant mid 2010 but ended up losing that baby. She had told me early on that they would try and, if they weren't successful in a certain amount of time, they would adopt. However, she acknowledged that our male partner's thing was having 'his' baby and all of his actions and statements verify his obsession with having his 'own' child. As soon as she came off of her post-miscarriage sex hiatus, he's been focused on making sure he cums in her as often as possible during the period of ovulation after each menstrual. My personal thoughts basically didn't support what they were doing because it is like doing the same thing, in the same circumstances trying to get a different result (since all of the conditions that were present the first time around (lack of sleep, bad eating habits, same stresses still exist) BUT no one ask me my opinion the second time around so I didn't offer it but I digress. I believe you should do what is healthy for you. There are also other options if you guys really want to have your 'own' children. I had offered to be a surrogate to my partners if they could not successfully carry to term.

Though, I have read your blog and know where you guys are now, I missed this thread so I decided to respond.
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