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My parents. Although monogamous gave me the foundation of creating solid relationships. Those rules are really no different than what I put into my poly relationships. They proved their ability to love completely. There could be no better foundation for my relationship models than them.

I adore my wife. Pengrah is more natural at this than most. Compersion is something she felt from the beginning. She progressed silently and quietly without very much nudging from me. She helped me through the worst of my times and has helped me build a foundation that is strong enough to expand our love outside of ourselves.

I feel a lot of admiration for Sour Girl. The way she created the foundation with her husband to expand into poly has been impressive. As cheesy as that is for me to mention my gf, she was one of the first poly people I had met who I had a tremendous amount in common with outside of poly, and was still poly. She continues to impress me with how she deals with boundaries and bumps in the path.

I aspire to live my life happily. I don't want to be a mentor. I simply want the chips to fall and hope they fall the way I foresee them. I want to stand with my friends and family and beat down the bumps that get in the way. Like all relationships, I don't have blindness as to how much work they will be. I just want them to BE. Ideally, my poly becomes as autonomous as monogamy. I don't need to be in the worlds view nor do I want to be.

In my own way I admire everyone who is public. On this board, franklin, on fetlife. Regardless of the anonymity of these situations, they are still baring their souls for people to see. I have learned what I want, what I like and what I hate about poly. Everyone who takes the time to put themselves out there, deserves to be recognized. Its this forum and others who have helped me recognize what being in love with more than one person can mean.

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