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I appreciate it when guys go the extra and take a little (or all) off the bottom. Hell, I do (but I wax vs shave cause they 'don't' make shavers that make it easy). I love gagging in other ways down there(*wink)...I don't need the hair to help. All that does is interrupt the process. Nothing like a wiry hair scratching the inside of your throat in the midst of pleasing. My male partner shaves down there and everywhere else actually. He's a pretty hairy guy.

As far as size goes...I'm with Mr. Dreadful. Having been a long-time participant in a sexual lifestyle that allowed me a lot of ... diversity ... I can say, I believe, size does matter to each individual under or over a certain range of size that works for them. However, I also would state that the significance of that size can change with emotion. Size seems to have more relevance in more casual interactions than it does when considering emotionally-connected interactions. I also agree that skill is important no matter what. I've bedded men who were well-endowed but sucked in bed simply because they believed since they did have a lot of meat there was no need to actually learn how to develop its use to the highest level of satisfaction or even the lowest level of satisfaction. Then I've had some who were small but had great skill and made it very enjoyable.
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