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Originally Posted by OneSoul View Post
Might I add... Pretty articulate, as well.
Many initial posts are one huge paragraph. You went way in the other direction. Not bad or anything, just different.

CRITICAL QUESTION: At what stage in the DEVELOPMENT of that INTERACTION do you go DEEPER... into Poly & Related thoughts without hampering the progress of the initial chemistry build up.
Some people have said that by the third date you should have the poly talk. Some people say that in more modern dating, nonmonogamy is assumed until it is talked about. And when it is talked about, that is when the poly talk comes out.

Personally, I lean towards telling them once it starts to look like you want to keep dating the person. So it may take a few dates to know if you have the right chemistry.

One exception for me is that since I am married, I don't want to give the impression I am cheating. So I am up front from the beginning. (Oddly, more people are accepting of cheating than polyamory.)

The tougher wuestion ishow to present polyamory when it is time for the "ralk."
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