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Smile Update from kinkyguy007

My wife just texted me with "You are the best husband". I think that says thanks for being honest with me and we'll work it out....Also, she is straight. Last night she admitted that she got permission to have a bf on her first husband long ago (but that included a separation at the same time), but I told her "NO!" that this is not the same. I want to be in love with both of u at the same time.....

My wife is a supreme planner...she will probably handle many of the details of this life change for us...I know it sounds to good to be true...She understands that its all me and that it should not have neg effects but hopefully positive ones on our marriage..I am always super-horney, and she felt some guilt in the past when she was not up to having sex with me....I stressed to her, if you give your consent for me to have a secondary, then It's of your own free is quite amazing what someone will do for u when they love you...

I believe that since I really focused on her SHARING ME (body and soul) with another woman that it got to her....Who would refuse to share? Only a spoiled brat! She is ultra-mature.

Additionally, the process is key for me...the rules and boundaries are wife likes things perfect...and she wants to have a measure of control (after all, it's her doing the sharing!). Jumping in would be a mistake.

Also, on the bareback issue...we are going to select a secondary mate (who is unmarried) for me who is unable to be impregnanted (tubes tied, menopause, or hysterectomy)...someone older who already has a life of their own but wants to spend time with me as a husband figure about 2x/wk (and maybe a weekend getaway)'s all tall order...but I would prefer to always try to establish a longterm relationship....Im probably not studly enough to satisfy more than 2 females (primary plus secondary) at a time..that would really be up to u can see, I want to keep the marriage...

Lastly, what have I experienced by asking me wife to allow me a steady gf to love and have sex with?.....ahhhhhhhh.....the new emotions.....just talking to my wife about sharing made her horny as hell (and she was really mad at first!).....also, it was almost intoxicating to me to even discuss the subject...can't wait to go to the other side of the wall!

PS. Where does my religion fall into this? Sorry to say...I lost my faith about a year ago....I am very educated so I have different thoughts about how our universe was created.....Also, I wanted to return to a more primal early human way of know, conquer and fuck the male with several females in the is our true nature (and exactly what most religions try to stamp out of our minds)...lets face's instinctual for a guy to want at least a few girls around to love and fuck...Polyamory is, my journey is beginning...anyhow, take care...I'll keep u updated...good or bad.
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