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Originally Posted by flakey View Post
Just yesterday we had a conversation after she asked me for the nth time if 'she was fat'. I again explained calmly and trying to be supportive, saying that all that is important is to be healthy and happy with oneself, and that for my part I think she is beautiful.

She is just not one of those people with super skinny body-types, but I've told her that each person has their own characteristics and that she is judging herself by comparing with other girls she sees on tv or advertisement or women magazine. I said that she isnt in competition with anybody, that I love her, that she is beautiful and that instead of complaining she is fat, she should just make her part and eat healthy/moderately (which she generally does anyways) and be active/make exercise. If one has a clear conscience, then there is no need for comparison, because one feels happy when being healthy and working towards fulfilling one's potential, instead of trying to match up to some abstract unreal image.

"No, honey, you're NOT fat."
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