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I really have to echo a lot of the initial poster's sentiments. While I cannot say I am 'mostly mono' I am comfortable in my own decisions to search and be confident that if I dont find a Poly partner I will live.

I think I have stated time and time again that Poly has affected me positively; and the initial post encapsulates most of the benefits of being mono, mostly mono, or mono by default with a Poly partner.

I would say though that it does take a great poly partner and OSO to allow for positive change out of this. I know that the deep introspection has not been possible without the questions posed, both by design and by action, by TP.

Oddly enough I dont think I would have addressed my jealousy insecurities without being in a Poly relationship; nor would I have been able to crystalize a clear sense of what my needs are from a partner both in general and day to day. I also think that emotionally I am much stronger and able to recognize the pitfalls I fell into in other relationships.

I think that GS is right in saying that a lot of the things listed dont come from just a mono/poly relationship but I think that because a lot of the posts on the forum are people reaching out to seek help sometimes we lose sight of the fact that all benefits don't have to be an external force; just like all problems and hurdles are not fully internal.
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