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Yeah, some guys really like making women gag.

Anyway, I asked my lover (whom I am now calling Shorty on this forum) last night how he does it. Turns out he goes to a salon to get his nether regions waxed. His chest and back get taken care of by his barber, when he shaves his head, and he keeps those at peachfuzz level. But all his pubes, including balls and arsehole, get waxed every couple of weeks. He says that just a few years ago doing that would have been considered weird, but it seems that more and more guys are. I think it would have been considered very gay, or still seems that way to many people. He told me a funny story about trying not to get a hard-on when his regular older waxer was unavailable and they set him up with a younger, really hot-looking woman. Shorty says the hot wax feels really good when it goes on. I've never been waxed, so I don't know, but I would think that for a guy, the balls would be very sensitive to the wax when it gets pulled off. But his do not hang very low, so, maybe that makes a difference. They're so smooth! I would never have thought I'd like it, but I do.
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