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Originally Posted by illusion010101 View Post
In our home its the opposite im the one with the higher drive my wife is on meds that decrease her libido, our newest member has a higher drive then i do, kinda a little scary. my wife used to do the take pity on the penis thing. but for me its not the same I prefer willing and active partners. hopefully with our new arrangement things will be different. still trying to classify what our arrangement really is, but then are classifications really important?. as long as all people involved are on the same page and have discussed and set the boundries dont worry about what to call it. just call it life, your lives, and how you are choosing to lead them. just my two cents.
Generally speaking, it was only the last couple weeks that he took pity on me because while he wanted to be active and willing he just didn't have the time or energy for it with all the hours he was pulling. I think he felt a little bit guilty about "neglecting" me and with transportation and timing issues, Wendigo and I weren't able to be physical either, so they were dealing with a rather frustrated me. And yeah, I have trouble with the classification too - I mean there are four of us all involved with each other to varying degrees physically and emotionally. *shrugs* But I agree, as long as everyone is happy and healthy than it doesn't really matter what you call it.
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