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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
.........Are there any neurobiologists here that could possibly explain why "new" things mostly trigger the hormones?
Hi Precise,

Well, I'm certainly not a neurobiologist but I have studied it some over the years out of curiosity and necessity.

Polychron it seems has since posted up some info and links (which I haven't checked out yet) which look potentially educational.

But a simple fact that I think a lot of people forget is that our brain is just another organ in our system and like the rest of them requires input (stimulation). This is kind of an oversimplification I realize, but sometimes simple is best.

We are wired (physically & chemically) to seek some kind of fuel for growth. Brian food comes in a lot of flavors (sex, the whole endorphins/ oxytocin cycle etc), new experiences, new sensations etc. When we lack these we usually start to get 'sick' - just like other organs do if not furnished with the nutrients they require to be healthy. Such is the root of depression/ psychosis, discontent, boredom - on and on. So it's perfectly natural that when we come into contact with someone/something that provides that nutrient (stimulation) we're drawn to it and want to absorb (experience) it.

Pretty basic really. How to not 'overdose' becomes the trick

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