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I'm so sorry to hear that things have changed for you eklctc... that sucks. May your heart heal well and soon.

I had a wonderful evening with Mono this week. We went to a popular local restaurant where I gave him a card that I had written in. He read it as we drank wine and ate Italian food. I was (and am) so in love with him. I love to gaze at him and marvel at his playful nature and good humour. He isn't quick to anger or become defensive and confused these days and I am enjoying that calm content feeling we have together.

We are a couple that has been through some stuff and has come out of it... shining and immersed... blended together some how. I doubt anyone who know us could imagine us without each other now. That time of newness and adjustment has passed on to something rich, full bodied and whole... I am grateful and complete. Thank you Mono for blessing me with your presence in my life. I am honoured and my heart is forever yours (and others too )

PN and I are having a wonderful weekend away at the wedding of a highschool friend. It's on a neighbouring island where her husband to be grew up.

Its rather strange to be here actually as I saw her last (besides a quick visit a few months ago) when we were about 17. She had been abandoned by her mother and didn't know her dad and was staying with an aunt, who was raising her but didn't mother her. The woman was abusing my friend and when my mum found out about it, we took her in until she left town to go and live with her mother again... it all happened so fast back then and I was young and naive... I really don't know what happened.

I have no idea how she came to be in the place she is in today, with a baby of 14 months and another on the way. All her family around her... her dad, the woman that had been beating her that our family took her in from... several other family members that are a surprise to me... there is only 14 of us staying in a couple of houses and ready to celebrate tomorrow and I am the only friend... I am surprised, a bit confused and honoured that she would invite us!

She has no idea about me either. Except what is evident on FB. Which I suppose is a lot... at least in pictures anyway.

Hm, should be an interesting day tomorrow!

Leo's wife finally wrote and confirmed that she is good and that her issues were between her and Leo and that she had no problem with me in her husbands life. She just wanted to get back to being friends and our kids hanging out and families having fun together. I agreed and told her it was odd for me to not be communicating with everyone, so I will do my best to trust and will keep quiet (for now )

I wrote Leo and said I felt much better. I asked about watching movies again... in my room... some time... with a promise that I would stay on my side of the bed. I seriously do want to watch old movies with him as that and old cars are interests of mine and his... we shall see.

I have a date with Derby coming up oh I can't wait! We haven't had a date for awhile... not a proper one anyway. I asked her what she wants to do and she said "make out?" I'm in! Although an "absinthe sparkle" at one of our favorite date places for dinner would go down nicely along with that.
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