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Lost a friend today.

Opened up and told her I felt I didn't get to talk enough to her and I wanted to be able to get to know her more. Because conversations always became stale and moved nowhere.

She opened up a little too much on her problems with me and began to just straight up insult me.
I tried to calm her down and ask what I could do to help the problem, only leading to us both having a long and winded conversation that kept going around in circles.

I feel I lost a little something, whilst at the same time, wondering if there was anything ever there. Partially happy that it was stopped now, before I became close enough to feel any pain from it.

EDIT: I'd like to add, I once brought up polyamory with her in conversation and my views on it. She used it against me as if I were a monster. Now that certainly did hurt. =[
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