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Default Is science starting to figure why polyamory or.....

Interesting read, I've been on a role with reading articles about the way our brains release chemicals in terms of love/sex/relationships this week. I've found it very intriguing (there's a crap load of links in my NRE post on my blog).
But this one seemed like it was worth asking opinions on here.

Here's a short quote from the middle of it:

"Some years back, oxytocin was found to be behind the monogamy of prairie voles, but it now appears that Mother Nature's mating program only promotes monogamy if it's “social monogamy.” Just because mates hang out together for life doesn't mean they are sexually monogamous. DNA tests show that both genders in monogamous animals frequently seek out additional mates, while their primary relationship remains in tact. Could this same program to enhance the gene pool create restlessness in human marriages, too?"
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