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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I've been exploring the polyamory communities near me and am really enjoying myself. So far the communities I've interacted with are made up of mostly straight men and women with the occasional bi woman popping up. I've had less luck connecting with the lesbian, gay men or queer poly communities.
From my observations, that's pretty typical of many poly communities...mostly straights, a few bi's (especially women but occasionally a guy) and few gay men or lesbians. (But however...they are usually some of the most gay-friendly straights you'll ever meet. )
The reason I think is that even if the gay men or lesbians are living a poly lifestyle, they often don't actually think of the world "poly".
Big metro areas like NY or SF are probably the exception...they are more likely to have LGBT-oriented Poly groups.

Good luck in your search and your journey.
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