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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
I do believe that NeonKaos was referring to your husband's change of heart/mind/stand on the situation being 'too easy' (correct me if I'm wrong please NK)...

I would be wary myself... he has hung on and clung to these particular women (by your words/description)... it does seem a little quick for him to read what we have posted in response and then just agree to let them go like that... (*snapping fingers*)

Not casting aspersions here - just seems odd that he would be so determined... up until he reads the posts of a bunch of strangers on the situation.

I hope my feelings are wrong though
Yes, that is what I meant by "too easy".

I haven't heard his side of the story, but i think it's odd how he did a complete 180-degree change virtually overnight, as though a switch got flipped.

Perhaps he did get a wake-up call from reading this forum. Maybe he did suddenly decide to get on the right track.

As I said before, time will tell and actions speak louder than words.

If it were me, I would want to talk to each of these other women myself, with him in the same room or on the phone, and both of you let them know it's over so that everyone gets the same story.

This man needs to re-earn your trust over time and through actions before you will have the type of solid foundation necessary to pursue other relationships.

Oh yeah, and you both need to focus on your children, especially the new baby; not go looking for people to date.
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