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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I have to disagree, GS.

Oooooooo kkkkkkk <scratches head>
Not to sidetrack the thread - what is it that you disagree with ?
Especially as I agree 1000% with everything you say ?
Was my meaning fuzzy in some way when I said polyamory is about a lot more than physical needs/desires ?
I doubt you disagree with that !

The point was that the OP was heavily overloaded with talk of physical stuff and as most know, there's many ways of approaching that problem. Not all of them have anything/much to do with 'amore'.

NOTE: OP has since clarified some things I see, which should lead to better discussion.


Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I think highly divergent sex drives, interests or abilities can be a valid reason to seek another partner.

If one's partner is ill either mentally or physically they may be incapable of an interest in sex.

Partner's kinks can also evolve or become unable to deny. Some people seek others to satisfy fetishes with the permission of their spouse, even if an emotional attachment occurs with the play partner(s).

Some people discover they are gay, but love the other partner and want to stay together besides the acknowledged lack of sexual attraction.

Also, if, after NRE wears off, one partner wants it twice a day and the other a brief encounter twice a year, but the marriage is solid in other ways... well then what?
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