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Default New pNRE

All excited for Macbeth! He's shy about dating sites, but last night joined OkCupid and has had a great response. Of course, I think he is hot and sexy in all ways, physically and personality. He has a little less self-confidence, so seeing him get winks and messages within the hour of joining has me very excited for him and for us.

We had an interesting conversation yesterday about jealousy. He has been experiencing some jealousy and envy related to my bf, even though we have not progressed past the kissing phase. Because of my desire to take things slowly and not have the "green monster" create too many difficulties, I have felt confident in enjoying the added intimacy with the bf without adding much in the way of sexual expression. Macbeth expressed some concerns that I am NOT having jealousy related to his prospects, as if my lack of jealousy meant something problematic...I don't feel so but it has provided plenty of open conversation. I expressed that his concern regarding this sometimes led to me wanting to SAY I was jealous when I am not. Of course, because of our commitment to 100% open communication, I told him I would not speak of jealousy that doesn't exist.

The wonderful thing is that now the Macbeth is enjoying his pNRE, I am feeling so much more free to enjoy my NRE although still want to take it slow. Having others find Macbeth sexy and alluring makes me find him even more sexy and alluring.
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