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Thank you Fidelia. Your words have me reflecting on how I've been acting, and why I've been keeping it all inside.

You are right, the hardest part is to decide what it is that I actually want, I'm still debating this with myself.

Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
What are your feelings for her? What are your feelings about the whole situation?
Between her and I there's a growing friendship. I care for her, and do not want to jeopardize this balance by pushing and demanding.

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It sounds as if perhaps you're putting up with being treated as "less than" for the sake of your feelings for him.
Perhaps this is just me and it's a missconception on how it really is, but being the new one makes me feel as if my relationship with him and her relationship are not equal. They are the ones that have years and history together, they are the married ones that had to agreed on opening their marriage. And she calls the shots when it comes to how much him and I can do. Is this something every new party has to accept, or do I have it all wrong?
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