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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Very, very true. I have come to the same conclusion. You have been posting some very cool "monocorn" stuff lately and I would have engaged more but we are currently moving country and my life is currently insane. I just wanted you to know that while I'm not responding I am reading it and it makes immense sense to me and mirrors pretty much my own experiences and discoveries in a poly/mono relationship.

I applaud you for being able to adapt a long term relationship to polydom. I had to adapt a new one which had a different set of issues. We've been apart for a month now in our migration process and it has reinforced the correctness of my choice to stay and work through polyamory rather than run. Life is just not the same without him and I don't really feel like me. Thankfully I have now booked my ticket and so there are only 8 days until we are together again.
I may have to look you up and say g'day when you get here - I'll be down Brissy way in February
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