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Oh, it was definitely a troll, she/he/it said towards the end that it was all a headfuck and 'unmasked' itself.

Very odd behaviour.

The thread meandered a LOT so I don't blame you for not reading it, tbh.

What do you think the chances are of a quad like that working? I sort of think it's an unlikely scenario, having two distinct couples who basically wife swap. I dunno, having never explored it properly I'm very naive but completely fascinated by it all.

I lived with a married couple for six months or so when I was 19, and had sex with them both (seperately and together) but I certainly wasn't an equal party to their marriage. I was great friends with them both and we all got on well but there were jealousy issues and he was a bit of a bastard, really (she was not much older than me and he was a lot older and I think she was going along with what he wanted to keep him, IYSWIM) It was fun while it lasted but not really what I wanted so on I moved.

I am really interested in how set ups with more than one primary couple last the distance. I can get my head round MFF (or MMF for that matter) a lot easier than MFMF, I just can't fathom how the dynamics would work, especially if there's no element of bisexuality at all.
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