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hello, I suggest that you do a search on "bdsm," in the tags, have a look through the stickies and look at the golden nuggets section.

We have had a few slaves come through here looking to do some research for their master. The issues that seem to come up are that their masters are not willing to go slowly and allow their slave to catch up emotionally. To be a good master, for me, as a dom, is to be aware and respectful towards my subs feelings and use all the ethical non-monogamy rules/foundations/lessons/whatever you want to call it... that one can find. On that note I would suggest doing a search in the tags for "lessons" and "foundations" to find threads that will give your master the basis of what has been discussed before in regards to a good foundation for poly in your relationship.

Really, M/s or not, there is no difference when it comes to poly I don't think. The only difference I can think of is that if your master says do it and you have agreed to a contract with him that says you will do as you are told, then you should do it. If he is wise he will only say that when he knows that you are ready, not when he is all wrapped up in NRE and ready to dive in. Like being a well trained slave/sub, a master/dom also has to be well trained and not fall into the ego trap that so many do. This can be very difficult when poly becomes a focus of the dynamic in M/s relationships.
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