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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
I asked for personal opinion and expereiences on what price is too high to pay to keep their personal integrity - not their personal opinions of wheter or not they felt i may lie, be deceitful or other be delicat or fragile etc and so forth - you do not know me therefore can have no personal opinion or experience of me (other than this extremely long running misunderstanding)
The subject about my not being sure if you were playing a game or being honest about "being offended" only came up a lot later in this conversation. It did not come up in my original post that allegedly offended you so much.

As this 'extremely long running misunderstanding' continues, I have decided that you don't really want me to be honest and up front with you. You would rather "refuse to understand" (as you have put it to me.)

Yes it is true that I do not know you. So why would I automatically believe everything you say? And how could I possibly know what might offend you? You don't want to cut me any slack at all, and I suspect it is because I don't play your game the way you expect me to.

< Below will be my 'masculine side' speaking and he doesn't much care about being understood or about what people think.>

You mentioned that I rub you the wrong way because I remind you of your EX, so this is not my battle and I am not going to continue engagement. All of my honest efforts to clear things up with you and accomplish some sort of communication and understanding just leads to more bull shit, so I am throwing in the towel. Whatever the problem is, its clearly a personal one. I have apologized, I have explained, and I have been honest. Now I am done.
I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
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