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We for one really arent "out" with it all. Dont hide it but dont tell either. I personally dont care what people think. But realize at this point its best for the kids sake. They know my bf is around and his kid. But I HS my kids and well...around here the last thing we need is someone starting something and it affecting the kids and our schooling choices etc. I think sometimes when kids are involved it makes it a lil trickier. Our relationship, while new now, isnt really so new. We are in our 30s but hubs and bf have known each other since Kindergarten and I have known them both since we were 14. And well we also had a small taste of this lifestyle when we were younger. So seeing us 3 together...well its like when we were younger in a way. I think its sad we cant just be who we are outside the house because of other peoples views and prejudices. Because you never know what kinda crap they will bring down on ya.
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