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Smile Faithful husband planning to ask lovely wife for OM

Hi! I'm been married 10 yrs, my first, her second....Im 46, wife is a few years older...I have never cheated on her and usually avoid any tempting situations..(Ie, I don't even have coffee with another woman, and have only guy friends)...We are both very fit, no kids....we have a wild sex life because of me 100%...I always initiate sex and she always submits which is how I want it...I've introduced my wife to a variety of kinky and fetish play from enemas to electricity and she goes along with it all....I love her so much, but I have extra love to give....

I want a second female lover, and maybe a third....I am also open-minded about trying gay sex, as long as its first with another woman present; however, any gay sex might be limited to a blow-job (not even done that yet)....My wife always wants to please me, and I have already told her that I would like to see another man fucking her....She acted surprised at the thought (but, I could see her thinking about it), but she did cheat on her first husband so I think she really might not be too against it.

About 1 yr ago, I got into tapping or EFT (google eft)'s a way to remove emotional blocks in your life...well, it removed ALL the blocks in my life...especially those set forth about marriage and religion...I'm now a free spirit....Honestly, if my wife wanted to bring another man into our marriage just for her personal physical pleasure and emotional propping, I'd say yes as long as I approved of him (ie, he was a nice person whom I trusted). I don't have a jealous bone in my body about it since I want only the best for her.

I don't want to cheat behind her back...Her father did that...I find the idea of cheating not my cup of tea....but, I find that I want to experience a completely FULL life now.

So, I know that I WILL eventually ask my wife to open our marriage...I would never leave her for anyone else (famous last words!), and I really feel that way because I just want open the marriage to expand my life experiences, not to end our marriage...

So, if u read all of this (which I typed in secret and fast!), then I am asking for your advice:

How should I ask my wife to open our marriage, for both of us, so we can grow as people and share our love with other like-minded persons?
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