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Yes, it got a bit hard to read what with all the morse code stuff, it went a bit Twilight Zone.

Very briefly, 'Extended' posted these rambling posts about living as part of an extended family (two couples and their children) and then after a while went on to say that her and her sisters shared husbands, lots of us cried troll right from the off as it read like a trashy novel/wank fantasy rather than anything real, IYSWIM, not because of the poly stuff but because her whole tone was 'off' and felt rehearsed.

Anyway, then somebody else came on who said she was a poly and that Extended was a well known troll and thorn in the side of the Poly community.

With me still? I got a bit lost myself, frankly. It all got very confusing.

Then this second poster stated that she lived as a quad with her twin sister and their husbands (basically the same story as Extended). I think that they are all the SAME person trolling and it's all got a bit bizarre.

I was interested to know whether any practising polyamorous people on here would even consider sharing a partner with a sibling, because for me that was the part that immediately made me think Extended was a big old bullshitter from the off.

If I'm not welcome here I'll happily fuck off with no offence taken, don't worry . It just piqued my interest and I thought I'd ask some questions here.

As I said, I'm not polyamorous, although that is probably a good way to describe how I was ten years or so ago, but the very idea of sharing someone with my sister is unthinkable and I wondered what others felt about it.

I hope it's okay to ask.
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