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Hello redpepper

You make a good point and that may be the solution - someone more compatible.

The challange is that other than that area we are very good with each other, and very compatible. We almost never fight, we (mostly) enjoy similar things, we love each other's families (we both have become fairly integrated into each other's families) and we same goes for friends. It would be tragic to tear apart what we have going over just sex and passion.

With that said, I'm not looking to just get laid either, I want an actual relationship with a girl outside of my "primary" relationship so to speak. It won't be a long term committed relationship, but it would be committed on some level.

I don't know, we're going to a counselor soon to at least help put the issues on the table before really trying any type of open relationship. I'm just trying to gain understanding from other people's viewpoints of the situation and how it would/wouldn't work in an open relationship.
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