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Default Hello all, I have a question for you.

I hope you don't mind the intrusion. I'm a regular on Mumsnet and we have had the most utterly barking troll plaguing us for a while with tales of her Quad which consists of her and her sister and their respective husbands.

This troll (which calls itself Extended) keeps popping up and bringing sockpuppets/alter egos along for the ride and the whole thing has got a bit silly now.

If you have time, please read this (very long, but very funny) thread for more details:

Anyway, my understanding is that the picture of Poly life this nutjob paints is completely wrong, and that sisters sharing like this is hugely unlikely (which makes me think all the other 'polys' on the thread are part of the same persona).

So, can anyone shed any light? Is this person a complete fabrication from start to finish, and how likely is it that a quad would consist of sisters (twins, no less) who share two husbands?

I'm not a poly, by the way, although in my youth I was often a unicorn
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