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Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
I'm not usually mean-spirited. But, honestly, if they're jealous or envious, let them go out and find their own (person, place, thing) that makes THEM happy. I'm not saying I'm never envious or jealous, it's human nature. But I get over it pretty quickly and DO something about these feelings. In other words, I find my own happiness. And I make a decision to be happy for those I care about, even if I do wish I had what they have. You keep being happy. Let them waste their own lives envying you. But remind them that they can work towards happiness as well and be willingto show them how. You are only responsible for the happiness of yourself and for doing what you can to bring about the happiness of those you love and who love you and work towards your happiness in return. It took me years (and alot of going without to make other people happy) to learn this. And I still forget sometimes.

Im sure that Many people do get envious of things I have, Im envious of those of my friends who have things that I dont. I dont let it control me or my life. I usually find ways to make it happen for me If i want it so much. I believe sometimes Envy or Jealousy can be a positive thing too. I know with My BFF Her Envy of My weight loss has Spurred her to do something about her own weight issue. So I dont think that Envy is only a negative thing. Now If the Envy or jealousy is Causing this person to be a bad/negative friend Then I would probably think about talking to them about it.
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