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Originally Posted by Olderwoman
....So if you were truly offended and you are in need of an apology, I am truly sorry that you were offended.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
pg 12 post 120. second to last paragraph...

isn't this apologizing without being sorry?
No, Of course not. It is apologizing without assuming blame.
To say "I'm sorry" without really being sorry would clearly be dishonest.

(There is a difference between "I am sorry you were offended" and "I am sorry for being offensive.")

The sorry is in the misunderstanding, not what was said.
Yes, but it was implied that I was "being offensive" and that I should plead guilty, admit it and apologize. I didn't feel that I should own those perceptions,(out of respect for myself) and at the time, I wasn't sure if anyone was really offended, or if they were just playing the game.

I am now thinking that we've just about beat this subject to death.

I hope someone is beginning to understand what I am saying. If not, then I have failed.
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