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Originally Posted by Cricket View Post
I'm totally the wrong person to give advice to you or Karma on this particular topic. I'm shamelessly biased and probably being unfair because the people I care about were treated badly.

I never clicked with Panda, never liked her, never trusted her. I have a hard time trusting women, and it makes it harder that her personality and mine are...not very well suited to each other.
I've never completely trusted her either. She never gave me reason too. And then to do the things she did with Karma and lie to my fucking face about it, I lost what little I had then and there. At least when confronted, you were straight up honest.
I feel like their actions in this whole thing completely disrespected everything you and Karma have put into making the country work while Panda and Mr. Panda are away. Karma was asked to take charge for the time being, from what I understand. You've been the country's mom. To turn around and treat you both that way, when you'd both taken on huge burdens and lots of stress for the country...
Yeah, well that's why we left.
It pissed me off, and made me decide that a friendship with Panda and Mr. Panda isn't something I want to try to cultivate in my life - not if this is how they treat their friends over something like a difference in opinion of how a country that they aren't fighting for on a regular basis should be run.
Neither of them are here to run things. The way they run things has not brought in many new members, and it hasn't exactly galvanized the current ones into more regular action.
And a lot of people have told them that. They won't lsiten and will quickly see the fall of what was once a great thing. There is an original member talking about coming back from states away to fight beside Karma and show them how he feels about said disrespect. I usualy don't go out to Darkon, I do my thing behind the scenes, but if he does come, I may show up for that.
Honestly, I see a lot of the sudden friction as being a reflection of the issues the two of them have with each other and with themselves.
That. Times billions. So many others have seen the same and said the same. And it's sad. I've tried so hard to help them, to tell them to not band aid their issues, fix them. But instead they point fingers and throw stones.
I'm sorry things have gotten so rough, though. I know once you guys really valued this friendship. Sometimes, friends just outgrow each other, or reach periods when other parts of their lives make it necessary to put other relationships on hold.
Yeah, I know all to well how that happens. I'm saddened by it, but honesty I've seen it coming for awhile.
Perhaps the new distance will be the room everyone needs to keep growing, and things will be easier after the growing pains pass.

One can hope. I lost what little bit I had left for them when Panda started bad mouthing Karma. After all the hard fucking work he has put in to getting his head straight and learning what emotions are and how to handle them and she acted like a bitch! Yelling at him for not understanding something, that he told her he didn't understand and asked her to explain. I saw red after that.
I do hold out hope. More Karmas sake than my own. I've already made peace with the bullshit and it ending. I don't like having toxic people in my life. We discussed my issues with her the other night and she told me she felt like a horrible friend and she didn't deserve me, but she's "an abrassive cunt and it won't change". Well yeah with that attitude it won't. Becuase I know inside that isn't all she is. That's her defence, not who she is. And if we've desolved to her using this attitude with me, well, then I guess I had my answer. If that's the Panda I get, mixed with the trust that has already been lost, I don't know what is left there to save.
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