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This has gone on to the cell phone interruption thing... what interrupts my dates is this forum more than other loves or people in my life. It depends on the date for me really, if we are just hanging out then I usually make some passing remark of "oh look, my brother wrote me an email..." and not read it, or read it depending on the interest. If it's a serious date of attention face to face, body to body, then the phone is on but away. I check it an opportune moment to be sure no one has called to say "LB is in the hospital, where are you?" But that is it.

I decided early on that if someone texts while I am out with someone and I can't repeat it out loud then I will not respond. Sometimes I need to respond and I make sure the person I am with knows why... I find that this "rule" for myself has worked well... also leaving the ringer on phone only has helped. If I can't hear it... I won't look... of course there is the light I need to hide however.

I am finding that the longer I have a cell phone that directs all emails and texts and facebook update, the less I feel that desperate need to check it all the time. I usually skim and note what I need to look at later or on a break. Everyone who knows me accepts it I think as they are in the same boat... Mono is terrible! He just got an upgrade and can't keep his eyes off of his phone!
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