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Originally Posted by euclideanparadox View Post
guess I came to this site looking for support or suggestions or . . . well, anything really. I'm tired of this situation. I want to move through it.
This is the beginning of a lot of work possibly, if you think this is a huge realization for yourself. I would suggest you get used to the work and you will. It does get easier and you do get used to communicating fast and being in tune with yourself more and more. Pace your self though. You just kissed someone... to some of us on here that is not such a big deal... think of when you actually fall in love with someone that its okay to fall in love with and connect with, your loves meeting one another, the first connected, deep and meaningful fuck; there is SO much more to come and the confusion and comfortableness of this moment is just the tip of a huge ice berg. Being uncomfortable could become a way of life for awhile. You will get used to that and learn some beautiful and incredible things in the process.

Do lots of reading and research here. Get to know poly a bit more... get your girlfriend involved... the more you know the better off I think.

Thanks for your post GS. I like your points there.
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