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Originally Posted by polychronopolous View Post
Well it isn't exactly "shaking things up", but when I find myself stuck it is usually because there is some place in my life, behavior, or thinking, where I need to make a change. One thing I do is take action in areas where change is needed. Sometimes the source isn't so clear and in those times I find one thing very helpful. Find a quiet place, get comfortable, relax, and begin to trim away my thoughts one by one like pruning a plant one frond at a time. Luckily I don't actually give my plants this treatment as I am looking to reduce my thoughts to the root. This alone produces a tremendous calm, but then as I begin to reconnect with my external landscape I am able to take note of the feelings I experience in regard to my being. More often than not I quickly determine where I could use change as something just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the parts. I know this might sound a little "odd", but I find it to be quite helpful and even therapeutic.
Sounds way too deep for me! =O If I go picking around in my mess of a brain, it might all topple over. =P I know what you mean though. For me, I can just go in and pick at certain thoughts. They come in big clusters of randomness. I guess one reason I get stressed about thinking. There's just too much work in doing it, which not much progress. So I prefer to keep my mind away from anything like that.
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