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Sounds like your husband is new to all of this, and a relationship newbie to boot. In my mind you can't love someone more than someone else, so him saying that is irrelevant. You can however be more compatible with others (have more interests, can talk more, etc), which is what he might mean. Theres a reason you stayed together for 5 years, if that reason is a positive one (ie not because you were in a rut or afraid of change) then you should be able to last even if he is more compatible with this other person.

Puppy love or NRE isn't real love, it's some kind of hormone/drug boost that clouds the rational mind. Ask the people that "fell in love" with absolute fools and only realized some time after how big of a mistake it was. Once the NRE clears is when you can determine how long a relationship will last. Some people become addicted to NRE (it's effectively a drug) so will always be seeking new people and discarding or spending less time with their others.

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