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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I really am trying to be as reasonable as possible, because I know it's difficult. But, admittedly I am feeling as though I'm being asked to give her "equal status" without earning it.
I would NEVER expect that she put in 13 years to earn it. But I think you have to at least take time to get to know people and what's important to them before you can gain privileges of equal status in their life to S.O.'s that have put in that time...
I have seen and I agree with you LR. I have also taken the time to explain that R is asking for things that ONLY come with time and effort. At the point that things stand now, there is an unresolved " conflict" that exists so time spent " earning" rights is not really happening. Not to mention the fact that I have told her that things are going to far to fast and that friendship is the Fucking.

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