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I haven't been on here or OKC much for a while - mostly I've been busy out doing things, which is a good change of pace.

My grades came in better than expected (one A, two Bs, and a C+). It's still my worst-ever semester by far (the second worst would be two B+s and two As), but it's better than it could have been, and I passed every class, so I'm feeling ok with that.

The person who worked at the video store never messaged me back, so I'm assuming that's a dead end. Mal's theory is that she's actually looking for someone who might be interested in both her and her boyfriend, which is possible; she may also just not have been that into me, who knows. I'm still messaging a few people on OKC, but I'm not too excited about the possibility of actually dating someone from OKC. Too many times people have just stopped writing back, and it's not like there's a ton of profiles of people in my area that generally fit my interests. I'll probably keep the profile up, but otherwise I'm trying to focus my social initiative on more real life pursuits.

In that area, I've had some more success lately; I've taken the initiative to set up times to hang out with a few people I know, introduced myself to people when normally I would have been shy and ignored them, even joined a free group exercise class (I need to get in shape, anyways, and that's part of my poor self image - two birds with one stone!)

Mal and I haven't talked much about poly lately, we've been too busy with everything else, so that sits right where we left it. I'm not really actively pursuing poly right now, more just working on being more sociable and increasing / deepening my friendships.
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