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Karma finaly got an example out of Mr Panda. When Panda first moved to NC to be with him, she and Karma got into a huge fight about somethings he had said. Thing is what he said was true. He said it harshly and in almost uncalled for way, but it was the truth. So they got the point of her sobbing to Mr Panda while he was at work and had no idea what was going on. He called me and when I explained, he seemed to agree with me. He went home talked her into talking to me ( I told him I didnt think it would do much good as I agreed with Karma, but he felt it would help her see she was be irrational). That was one of our only fights. She did not want to hear what I had to say, because I wasnt telling her that Karma was wrong and an ass and deserved the wrath of hell. All this time Mr Panda had agreed with us.

So his example to Karma, is that Mr Panda talked Panda down and got her to see where she was wrong, and I didnt do that with Karma. WTF. 1. I did get Karma to see that how he made his point was cruel. The point was still correct and needed to be made, but he went about it in a cruel way. 2. I'm his wife, not his brain washer. It is not my job to tell him he's wrong and get him to comprmise his beliefs, especialy not when I don't think he's wrong! I try hard to NEVER impose on people like that. We are all entitled to our beliefs and opinions. I may disagree with you, and give you my take on things, but I still have no right to tell you your feelings are wrong. But apparently because I didn't compromise my own beliefs and side with Panda, I am weak and a puppet on my husbands strings.

His other example was that I should have never made leaving the Darkon country an ultimatum. Again WTF!

I told them I would not be a part of a country that included this individual, but as much as it was my right to leave, it was their right to choose to vote him back in. They did, and I left. Mr Panda said he never knew me to put that type of pressure on others. Well, I've never been put in a situation where I had to make that choice while knowing him.

I am usualy a pretty on the fence person when it comes to these types of things. I'm a good mediator for my friends because I can see both sides. But in those times, where I feel very strongly and deeply for my opinion or belief, I will take a side. As I did with the vote. I will not have my name associated with the filth that he brings. That is a compromise I will not make.

But in Mr Pandas eyes, I was only taking Karmas side and putting people in a situation to choose.

Maybe I did put them in a place to choose. Because they should open their eyes and see him for what he is. They didn't. They chose him over someone who has done nothing but give to them. That hurts. I spent 3 years spending my free time working on shit for that country. Nights spent sewing into the wee hours so they all had uniforms or covers for their weapons.

And my thanks was being told I am weak, malible puppet, who can no longer think for herself, and they'd rather have worthless filth than me.

I'm begining to wonder if the relationship with Panda and Mr Panda is salvagable, or if I even want to try.
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