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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Do you listen to music when you walk. Visualize something you like to do. I tend to visualize sports as I enjoy them. If I can distract my focus long enough everything else falls by the waysite. Its pretty much the only way I meditate.
I listen to music most the time. Keeps people from talking to me when I have huge headphones on. =P Plus my most favourite things to do involve music or talking to this girl which my mind is fixating on in the first place. =P Not going well for me here really.

It is a great form of meditation though. I often fall asleep listening to music. I tend not to think before I sleep, but I've heard a lot of people do most their thinking at that time. That's usually a time I'm able to really concentrate on what is happening within the song or just be so tired I fall asleep instantly.
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