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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
Eeeesh SG!!

Get out of the house already... go for a walk in the park... got a camera? how about one on your phone? go take some snapsots of trees covered in snow... get creative with it... just do SOMETHING...

post them up here we'd all love a look... in fact maybe we could start a thread for creative ideas to help clear the head?
I love taking pictures. I have a surprisingly good phone cam actually - 5mp. Not too shabby for a phone. I do need a proper cam though. I think I mentioned earlier here about wanting to do film and photography at college?

No snow here anymore. But there's predicted more this week. Doubt it'll settle. End of January, I expect another 2 or 3 inches pileup though. The whole country stopping still once more.

Once I set up my new computer, I'll be sure to get all artsy again. This one is getting to its last legs. Even facebook tries to kill it often. =P

Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
A musician going through music withdrawal - NOT good. Probably as bad as not getting enough sex.

I agree with FlameKat change what's in your power to fix.
Music performace withdrawal. I have enough music on my computer to last more than 2 weeks non-stop to listen to. But I've heard it all before it feels like. What's worse though, is I have like writers block for musical composition. I'm wanting to write an album through this year, but I'm already not feeling confident with that.

Also, I don't get enough sex either. =P Though, that isn't something which bothers me all that much thankfully.
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