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I also noticed that as my relationship with my husband improved, I am also defending him more. Because we are getting along better, we spend more time discussing our opinions and I have a better understanding of his thought process. Usually, it's not really about defending his opinion (he can usually hold his own on that front), but when something or someone hurts or mistreats him, the claws come out. I think part of this is that I am much more aware of his feelings/moods and he is also more willing to express to me when he has been "hurt".

Panda and Mr. Panda probably can't handle the changes you guys have made because they just don't understand it and have no way to comprehend it. You guys have kinda hit fast forward and made strides that take some couples a lifetime and you still have goals of further progress. The training wheels are gone and you're now on the 10 speed (I know today's bikes have around 15, my age is showing), so you can start climbing the really big hills.

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