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I've hesitated jumping in on this thread as I come in right at the other end of the scale... I wouldn't even fit in the featherweight category

I am borderline healthy for my height.. 161cm and approx.. 46k at last weigh (I think)... I tend not to weigh myself as I get depressed that I *HAVE* to eat more... (which is not to say that I am anorexic or bulimic (as I am not - I have been to a doc and checked - I just have extremely efficient metabolism, and low blood pressure (which means I get to eat salty stuff like its going out fashion )


I have to agree with the last posts - it's all in your own self-esteem... I do not find myself attractive... but, I am confident (to a large degree) in myself, I am happy and mostly outgoing... the world at large seems to find these qualities attractive, and therefore views me as being attractive and approachable. Go figure.

One of these days I plan to start weight training in an effort to build some muscle to help with the body mass thing... one day
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