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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
Hugs SG


This will be hard... but put it aside for a bit... lose yourself in some music... or maybe go do something completely new and preferably physical (go bungee jumping or something) something that will force your mind away from dwelling...

try to come back to it refreshed and from a new perspective.
Thanks for the hugs. I do love those. =]

I always try lose myself in music. Listening and playing. That's another thing. I feel like I haven't played enough music lately. People busy writing songs and putting off gigs. Meant to have one at end of january, but I think we're dropping out. Not cool with me. =[ But people have their problems too.

I wish I could do other stuff. Not quite so much jumping of a bridge attached to a rope though. I can't really afford anything though. People who call me their friend don't show it. I haven't been outside the house to do more than checking my bank. That's only because my online banking still hasn't been sorted out.

I'm hoping I can go walking with a friend tomorrow for a few hours, but I'll no doubt come spiralling back into these thoughts once I get back home.
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