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Why is it so hard for people to accept that as we learn and grow, we change? Having a talk with Pandas husband because he thinks I've changed and not for the better.

"You have changed from the strong neutral voice of reason to the husband defender. Slowly but surely logic has escaped your larger decisions and it worries me alot. I'm not the only to notice but I'm probably the only one with the balls to say it because your my friends. I'm blessed to have such close people but they are changing and I fear for the worse"

I do defend my husband, when I think he is right. I still have no problem telling him when I think he's wrong.

Our marriage is stronger than ever. So we have changed. We don't fight all the time anymore, we sit down and talk. For us fighting is an odd form of forplay, so we do still fight . On occassion.

When I asked him for examples he suddenly had a call he had to go take call.

My theory? They can't support us, either because they don't have that level of intimacy and are jealous or other reasons I am oblivious to, but whatever the reason. Karma and I have grown and changed and are better people than we were. Panda and Mr. Panda can't handle the change because it throws in their face their issues, and because they don't know how to adjust to how we've changed.

I don't even know if any of that makes sense. But I'm just kind of upset that instead of supporting us, they're throwing stones.

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