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What have I gained from my husband going poly?

1. Firmer identity and understanding of my own relational needs/style. I'm very much mostly mono.
2. Openness- Notice I now say "mostly mono". That is my preferred, natural, comfortable mode. However, I suddenly find myself feeling more open to all sorts of relationships. I think this is due to two things 1) my husband's role modeling as a poly and the joy he exemplifies 2) lack of fear that other relationships will somehow mess up my marriage.
3. Better communication.
4. Better sex (even when his SO has stolen the bone- we just get more creative
5. More trust- every time my husband honors my boundaries without batting an eye, I trust him more.
6. A Happier Husband
7. Seeing aspects/sides to my husband that come out in his other relationships.
8. Sense of Independence and Personal Strength.
9. Learning to ask more for what I want/need. Standing up for my own relational needs.
10. More experiences to write from
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