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Since nothing else is getting checked off my to do list today I may as well write a bit. Christmas was a bit of a whirlwind. Did some travelling, saw some family and old friends. As usual with these trips it was bittersweet. Going back to my home town reminds me of who I was and I know that I wouldn't be able to just go back to that life. It was a much simpler life, the one everyone expects you to have, the one people back home are still living. I briefly had the thought that I'd like it back. I'd much rather be me though, not just coasting through life doing what everyone expects. I'm happier since I've moved here and learnt so much more about who I am and what I want out of relationship, both friendship and romantic.

There was also the thought of this may be one of the last drama free times I have with my family. Since I'm not hiding anymore and have decided to answer any questions I get honestly at some point my being poly and bi is going to come out. There's an uncertainty of who is going to be accepting and who isn't. And that's just something that you can't know until it comes out (although I have my suspicions).

I'm just glad to be back home. I have a date night set for next week with RP. It's been a while, sometimes life just sneaks up on you! I'm very much looking forward to reconnecting.

I've been realizing lately that I have absolutely no idea what the status is with my husband and his girlfriend. I know that he hasn't seen her in quite a while. Yet again maybe it's just life getting in the way.
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