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It would help me more if you could simply answer the questions I stated very simply in my response, rather than going off on the tangent that I am oviously having difficulty understanding.

Yes/No would have worked a hell of a lot better. Your apology is mostly meaningless given the passive-agressive nature of your words above it. I will however, for my own sanity, accept the gesture.

Your words and the way you speak, I realise now, remind me of my ex (though not as bad) in the way you will cannot answer a question with a simple yes or no, and go off on a tangent designed to attempt to make me apologise to you for my "bad behaviour" in not understanding your thought process.

He has recently been tentatively diagnosed as a Borderline Personality, and has been extremely abusive towards not only myself but our children.

This similarity between your communication styles is what is setting me off. However, that said, I still do not understand you (I never understood him either) and will do myself (and everyone else) a favour by not trying to anymore. This is for a need to maintain my own precarious balance, and my own focus, this misunderstanding between us has niggled at me and that is not good.

I wish you all the best on here and hope you find what you are looking for.
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