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Default Omg !

OMG Sorel,

{{{{big hugs}}}

I guess I'm with everyone else here. Really upset and disgusted. Admittedly, we only have one side of the story, but if it's even partially or mostly accurate I have to call your husband out as a player, scumbag. Sorry - that's harsh - but it is what it is.

I have serious doubts this person can even spell the word 'love', let alone understand it. To him it seems it's just another word-another tool- he uses to get what he wants.

A big component of love is RESPECT. Respect is EARNED. If there's any reason this person is due any respect, it's missing from your writing.

You seem like a kind, wonderful person. You deserve better.

I suggest you let his 'theories' fly in his own face and start the process of finding someone who truly understands what love is about. Let him sit in the observers seat for awhile. Maybe he'll learn something - but highly doubtful !

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