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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
I don't think you can compare LovingR with Sourel's Husband as I think LovingR had way more respect for her husband in the end than Sourel's husband has for her. JMHO.
This... way more respect and has done the hard work, and more...

Also... a guy that 'can be great' is no where near as good as a guy that IS great, ALL THE TIME.

And from what you have written Sourel... You are a GREAT woman who deserves a partner who respects that, every second of every day. At the very basic, you deserve a partner who is by your side through thick and thin, and this guy wasn't... who the hell has time to take on three new relationships while their 'primary' partner (who thinks she is 'sole' partner) is dealing with pregnancy, miscarriage and then another difficult pregnancy (exacerbated by his lower than disgusting behaviour) followed by the early birth and the ongoing premmie complications?

Where the hell does he get off making demands of you in such a manner - let alone at such times?

Why - oh - why were lynch mobs outlawed? *Joking and yet... this guy deserves it*


Edit: Just saw your last post Sourel.

The main question I can't answer - have no clue in fact :P... but I feel for you. In My opinion LOL as seen above... your husband really needs to stop seeing these other women and focus on sorting things out properly with you. He may need some sort of reassurance from you that will allow him to let go, if only for a little while. If he can't do that, then you both need to negotiate based on that absolute of his, and your absolute on everything else... meet in the middle somewhere... and know in yourself, so you can reassure him... that you will relook at things in x weeks/months.

There ARE other posts on here that deal with this - try doing a tag search on cheating...

Good luck, big hugs
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