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So am I now correct then in what I think you are saying?

That you are saying that you would only apologise if:

The offense was intentional (in other words; that 'in the moment' you meant to be offensive) - but you then regretted it later.


that you would also only apologise if you agree that what you said was offensive (that you, yourself, understand how you offended or were offensive) and you feel an apology is deserved by the other person?


That if you didn't mean to offend, or cannot understand how you offended, you don't feel an apology *or at least explanation of your viewpoint* is warranted?

and if I may be heard clearly....

I am GENUINELY trying to understand you, It is very rare for me to come up against the sheer difficulty in adjusting to your communication style. It bothers me to have this difficulty. It may be that you simply 'rub me the wrong way', but I would like to think this is just a hiccup and all will be well.
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